FXI have an amazing array of equipment for sale and hire.
We keep a wide array of smoke machines, wind machines and various other effects equipment permanently in stock.
FXI also offer the services of our trained special effects technicians for delivery and operation of any of our hire equipment.

Some of our most popular rentals are the giant mobile wind machines designed and built by FXI. We have two 5.7lt V8 Chevy Powered fans driving Ø7.5' three bladed propellers and an almost silent 8Kw Ø7.5' twin blade propeller studio fan.
These machines can create wind effects from a gentle draft to the furious power of a hurricane.


Camera rocker & Candy glass bottle

FXI Manufactured Items

  • Camera Rigs
  • Geared Heads
  • Camera Rockers
  • Kick Rams
  • Descenders
  • Roll Cages

Fight Props

  • Candy glass Bottles
  • Candy glass windows & mirrors
  • Blood bags
  • Soft Rubber Products
  • Retractable Knives

Rental equipment

Wind Equipment

  • Ø7.5' V8 powered
  • 1/2" to 3' Air Hooters (Venturi)
  • Squirrel Fans
  • Barrel Fans
  • Big E-Fans
  • E-Fans

Rental Equipment

  • Smoke Machines
  • Wind Machines
  • Fog Machines
  • Rain Machines
  • Snow Makers
  • Weapons
  • Jaws of Life
  • Police Lights
  • Cobweb Guns
  • Rigging Equipment
  • Engineering Equipment
  • Car-Bike Trailer
  • High Volume water pumps & Fire Hoses