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For the Titanic Experience at FOX Studios Sydney, an effect was required where a 1912 Renault could be moved two metres forward to simulate being pushed by a cast member of the show.

The effect was needed to help create the scenario of the chaos of a sinking ship as the passengers of the ill fated Titanic tried to escape from the lower levels.


3D render of the car & 1912 Reanault Replica


Also designed by FXI was the crashing piano effect.

For this, a piano is thrown across the cargo hold when a large steam pipe bursts and falls from the ceiling. The piano effect ends as it crashes into an electrical panel and creates a shower of sparks.


3D render of the piano & Animation still


Another effect FXI designed in the Titanic Experience was a 10 metre high motor driven counter-weighted door and rear protection screen system.

This door was constructed to simulate the kind featured on board the real Titanic.
As the doomed passengers try to escape, they are faced with this enormous door blocking their path.


3D render of the engine room


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